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Common Faults Of A Boiler & Potential Fixes

Trouble With Your Combi Boiler?

It’s never a great time when your combi boiler starts to act up. It’s even worse when the fault is serious enough to warrant calling an engineer (although we offer free no obligation advice and quotes – just contact us!), which is why we’ve pulled together these tips to help you diagnose a problem and what may need to be done to get it fixed.

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Minimise your bills with an efficient boiler

Heat can be a great expense to a household and, however necessary an evil, nobody enjoys footing big bills for such a comfort. However there are ways to minimise these expenses, balancing a happy pocketbook with warm toes, and consumers should be aware of how to get the most for their money. Read our tips for getting more out of your heating system.

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ATAG Gold Installation 35 Economiser

We were asked to update this customers system and we recommended the powerful ATAG economiser 35, the quality of the ATAG range is unrivalled and the hot water delivery has to be seen to be believed, this is our favourite boiler!