Looking For An Air-Source Heat Pump Installer In North East England?

More and more homeowners around the North East of England are considering installing an air-source heat pump in their homes as it is a cost-effective and sustainable heating option. 

Installing an air-source heat pump at your home does require special expertise. Our highly qualified air-source heat pump installers will complete the task for you, specifying and installing the system correctly to ensure it works as it should.

Home symbolising how a air source heat pump installation is a cost effective way to heat your home

Why You Should Consider An Air-Source Heat Pump?

Air-source heat pumps are a low-carbon heating technology, making them a sustainable option. They extract heat from the air to heat the home while providing hot water. The popularity of air-source heat pumps is growing across the UK as more and more people seek out energy-efficient and renewable systems.

A vaillant heat pump central heating system

Why Choose Nicholson Heating Services?

All of our engineers are fully trained and quality-approved and will be able to guide you through every step of the installation process. We can talk you through possible options to help you identify the ideal choice for your budget and needs.

Installing an air-source heat pump is a sustainable and cost-effective option, so you need your installers to have the experience and expertise to do it correctly. That’s exactly what you get when you buy your new air-source heat pump through Nicholson Heating Services.

Government Grants

Residents in England, Scotland, or Wales can seek government grants to reduce the cost of air source heat pump installations, with grant amounts varying by location. Up to £7,500 is available, rising to £9,000 in certain Scottish rural areas.

Eligibility for air source heat pump grants is not means-tested, applying to property owners installing MCS-accredited pumps, replacing old heating systems with renewables, and meeting EPC criteria. 

To apply for an air source heat pump grant, the process varies based on your location and the specific scheme. In England and Wales, applying for the Boiler Upgrade Scheme is streamlined with EDF.