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ATAG Boilers Unrivaled?


In the last few months we have finally got our hands on the new ATAG range. Were they worth the wait?!


Getting To Grips With The New ATAG iC Economiser 35

What strikes you first is the unassuming look of the boiler. They have not gone out of their way to make the boiler look fantastic, although it looks functional, they have obviously saved it for what’s inside. Removing the case is easy two screws retaining two clips and the case comes forward top first. There is an earth connector on the cover which has to be removed but it all feels very solid.



The first look inside is impressive, where you usually see plastic in other boilers such as the hydrobloc this is all metal, this is a real step forward or a good step back which ever way up look at it. Boiler manufacturers are following each others lead introducing plastic and the problems from this are already starting to surface. Oxygen ingress, cracked etc are common. The Stainless steel iCon heat exchanger is on a angle and at first you think it hasn’t been assembled properly but on closer investigation its an ingenious way of maximising efficiency and removing the air from the boiler, this also comes with a LIFETIME REPLACEMENT GUARANTEE!

The hidden gem in the iC Economiser range is the PFGHRD (Passive Flue Gas Heat Recovery Device) this is normally a bulky box on top of the boiler that is a costly add on from most manufacturers, this device uses the heat that you usually lose through the flue and pre heats the incoming mains water allowing the large flow rates from the boiler, hot water flow rates are HUGE by the way, normally when a manufacturer publishes its flow rates you struggle to replicate them in real life but this is different, the boilers out perform the flow rates ATAG publish and we have had 35 Economisers producing 19ltrs Min 35 degree rise, which is MASSIVE!

Efficiency is their main selling point and with efficiencies up to 98% I can see how they can call this “The most efficient boiler in Europe.”

The controllers the boiler is available with are the usual you would expect from a brand, simple mechanical timers to 7 day programmable room thermostats and the internet timer the ONE controller which is fabulous, this timer allows you to control your heating on the go and when its coupled with the standard weather compensation sensor it is right up there with the best timers/programmers on the market today.

The boilers come with a Guarantee (7 and 10 years) which, along with Worcester Bosch, is one of the few manufacturers that offer this, as with a guarantee your boiler gets fixed, a warranty is somewhat different but I will save that discussion for another blog! (phew!).

So to sum up, ATAG has pulled a masterstroke with this boiler, its build quality is amazing, its performance is brilliant, it is priced at the top of the market but who cares for this quality? ATAGs approach of not flooding the market and only selling to Gas safe registered engineers that are vetted for their quality again suggests their determination to raise the standard of boilers and installers in the UK, I think they will have the competition very worried.

ATAG suits our ethos. Quality products and Quality installations = Happy customers (and engineers!! ???? )

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