Atag Boilers: Do They Deserve The Hype?

Ever since Atag boilers made their debut in the UK market back in 2017, they've stirred up quite the buzz among homeowners seeking to revamp their heating setups. With a longstanding reputation for quality and efficiency that precedes their arrival, Atag has truly made a mark across Europe.

But does the actual performance match the excitement? Join us in this review as we unravel what sets Atag boilers apart and determine if they're the perfect fit for your home.

Quality & Efficiency

Atag’s commitment to superior quality and unmatched efficiency is evident in their Economiser range, dubbed the most efficient boiler in Europe. What sets these boilers apart is their innovative flue gas heat recovery system (FGHRS). This feature not only meets but exceeds boiler plus regulations, enabling it to enhance hot water production without the complexity of additional timers. Moreover, these boilers are future-proof, being "hydrogen ready," a feature that speaks volumes about their sustainability credentials.

Durability & Design

While many manufacturers have shifted towards using plastic internal components to lighten their boilers, Atag continues to invest in metal. This choice speaks to their commitment to durability; metal components like stainless steel and brass are far more robust. The main heat exchanger, the heart of the boiler, is also made of stainless steel and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This commitment to quality ensures that Atag boilers are built to last, providing peace of mind alongside superior performance.

Warranty & Service

One of Atag’s most compelling selling points is its warranty—offering up to 18 years of parts and labour coverage, an unprecedented move in the heating industry. Unlike other manufacturers whose lengthy warranties can lead to service delays, Atag allows installation engineers to handle warranty services. This not only streamlines repairs but ensures that issues are resolved quickly, minimising inconvenience for the customer.

So, Are Atag Boilers Worth The Hype? 

Absolutely. With robust construction, advanced features, and a warranty that far surpasses industry standards, Atag boilers offer remarkable value. Whether you're upgrading an old boiler or installing a new heating system, they represent a wise investment for any homeowner. We encourage you to consider all aspects of your boiler needs and invite you to read our other posts for more insights on choosing the right boiler for your home.

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