Understanding Baxi Boiler Error Codes for Better Boiler Performance

With Baxi being one of the pre-eminent manufacturers of domestic and commercial water and heating systems in Europe, their boilers are one of the most popular brands found in UK homes. As with all boiler systems, issues will arise from time to time that will need some maintenance. 

To help diagnose the issues, some Baxi boilers display error codes on the control panel so we know exactly what is wrong and how to fix the problem. The Baxi error codes are extremely useful for engineers tasked with repairs, but they can also inform homeowners about their Baxi boiler issues.

Here is a quick rundown of the most common Baxi error codes and the issues they indicate.

Baxi Boiler 110 Error Code

The E110 Baxi error code indicates that the boiler is overheating. There are multiple reasons that this can be caused, including a failed pump or diverter valve motor or even a bulkhead valve being left off. When this code appears on your Baxi boiler, you will likely need to contact a gas-safe registered engineer to resolve the issue.

Baxi Boiler E133/E28 Error Code

The E133 or E28 Baxi error codes indicate that a flame is undetected. This code can appear as a result of a frozen condensate pipe in cold conditions, but also commonly due to a lack of gas, electrode or gas valve failure. These will need a gas-safe engineer to assess and fix the issue.

Baxi Boiler E119 Error Code

The E119 Baxi error code means low boiler pressure. The normal water pressure should be 1.0 bar on the gauge when your boiler is cold. If this is lower, then you should add water pressure by using your filling loop, but if you’re unsure of how to do this, then contact a gas-safe engineer who can help.

Baxi Boiler E168 Error Code

The E168 Baxi error code tells you that the boiler is having an issue, but it’s unclear what the issue is. This is usually an electrical problem, but can also occur when water in the diverter valve motor causes a leaking diverter valve. 
If you see this code on your Baxi boiler, you will need to contact a gas-safe engineer to fix the problem.

Next Steps

Understanding the intricacies of Baxi boiler error codes is crucial, but knowing when and who should address these issues is equally important. With a team of experienced Gas Safe registered engineers, Nicholson Heating is here to help. What if your boiler consistently shows errors? 

In that situation, despite our best efforts a repair might not be the solution that’s best for you. No-one likes to think about it but it might be the perfect time to explore a new, more efficient model. 

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