Maximising Effectiveness: Decoding Fault Codes On Vaillant Boilers

Vaillant boilers are a popular type of combi-boiler in homes throughout the UK. As with any boiler system, performance issues will occasionally arise. 

Depending on the scale of the problem, the homeowner can resolve the issue, but other issues will require a Gas Safe-registered engineer to solve. To identify what kind of problem the boiler has, there are fault codes on Vaillant boilers that indicate the problem. 

Becoming familiar with these codes is a good idea to know if you can fix the issue yourself or if you need to call in an engineer. Let’s look at some of the common fault codes on Vaillant boilers.

Common Fault Codes On Vaillant Boilers

One of the most common fault codes on Vaillant boilers is F20, which simply indicates that the boiler has exceeded its maximum temperature and needs to cool down for a while. 

The F00 and F01 error codes are also common, and this means that the Flow NTC (Negative Temperature Coefficient) thermostat cable is either defective or broken and thus will need replacing.

F22 Fault Code

The F22 fault code on Vaillant boilers typically indicates a low water pressure issue in your heating system. This problem can occur if there's been a leak, if the radiators have been bled recently without repressurising the system, or if the pressure relief valve is faulty. To fix this issue, start by checking the boiler's pressure gauge to make sure it's between 1.0 and 1.5 bar. If it's below this, you'll need to repressurise the system by opening the filling loop taps and letting water in until the gauge shows around 1.5 bar. Once done, reset the boiler following the manufacturer's guidelines. Only attempt this method if you’re confident you can do so safely.

If the pressure issues persist after this, seeking professional assistance from a gas safe registered engineer is your best course of action to ensure a complete, competent and safe repair for your heating system.

F28 Fault Codes

The F28 error code on Vaillant boilers is most often due to a failure to ignite, which can stem from various issues. Firstly, a simple first step would be to check the gas supply to the boiler; it is possible that the gas metre or the gas valve has been accidentally turned off. Another common cause is a blocked burner, where dirt accumulation prevents proper ignition. Even external factors such as extremely cold weather can also play a role by causing condensate pipes to freeze, thereby hindering the boiler's operational capability.

F29 Fault Code

On the flip side, the F29 error code often means there was a problem with the flame going out after the boiler started. This can happen due to gas pressure changes that don't keep the flame going. It could also be because of a faulty flame detection system where the boiler doesn't sense the flame properly, possibly due to a faulty sensor or probe. 

Like the F28 code, a blocked condensate pipe, especially if blocked by ice in cold weather, can cause the flame to go out. Moreover, poor ventilation can affect the air mix needed to keep a steady flame, leading to more extinguishing problems. In any case, the best solution if you’re not competently trained in boiler repair is to get in touch with a gas safe engineer to help.

F60 & F61 Fault Codes  

These error codes relate to the gas valve and could indicate that the cable loom that connects to the gas valve is short-circuited. It may also mean an issue with how the gas valve was assembled or a fault found in the electronic control system. These can all be identified by a gas-safe registered engineer.

Navigating Boiler Maintenance: When To Call The Expert

Understanding the intricacies of Baxi boiler error codes is crucial, but knowing when and who should address these issues is equally important. For your safety and to guarantee proper handling, only attempt maintenance if you are competent and equipped to do so. At Nicholson Heating we have a team of experienced Gas Safe registered engineers who will ensure the highest quality service, whether it's installing new boilers or conducting repairs. 

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