How Often Does A Boiler Need To Be Serviced, And What Does It Include?

It is important to keep your boiler in good working condition, and the best way to achieve this is through service and maintenance. You don’t need to do it too often, as we explain below, but it is vital that you keep to a recommended maintenance schedule to ensure it remains safe and doesn’t break down at a bad moment.

Qualified engineers are on hand to repair any issues with your boiler and spot potential problems. This enables them to be mitigated before they eventually cause a more expensive breakdown.

What’s So Important About Boiler Services Anyway?

Keeping your boiler in good working order will help it work more efficiently and keep your energy bills to a minimum. 
When boilers work inefficiently, they consume more energy to produce the same amount of heat or hot water, thus driving up your energy bills.

There is also the issue of safety, with badly performing boilers allowing dangerous carbon monoxide to escape. This can lead to illness in minor cases but can actually be fatal if not identified quickly. 

While there isn’t a legal obligation for homeowners, there is a legal obligation in place for landlords. However, it is easy to see why an appropriately regular boiler service and maintenance is highly recommended. Just always make sure the engineer conducting the service is fully qualified and Gas Safe-registered.

Now, let’s look at how often a boiler needs to be serviced, the average cost for boiler service, and what you can expect from your engineer.

How Often Does A Boiler Need To Be Serviced

A full boiler service and maintenance is generally recommended every 12 months. Many aim to schedule service just before winter, assuming it's best to check when needed most. However, it’s crucial to remember that for boilers under warranty, servicing within a 12-month period is required to uphold the warranty.

Average Cost For Boiler Service?

The average cost for a boiler service is £80 for a natural gas boiler, £95 for an LPG boiler, and £132 for an oil boiler. This should include a thorough inspection carried out by a qualified engineer.

Boiler Service & Maintenance

When you pay the average cost for boiler service, you should expect the qualified engineer to carry out a thorough visual examination of the entire boiler and an inspection of the installation.

The boiler will undergo a comprehensive inspection, including thorough cleaning of the condensate trap and system filter. Subsequently, a detailed visual examination of the flue and a combustion analysis test will be conducted, with any recommendations provided in written form.

What To Do Next?

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